Pets with pleasingly boring names

Naming an animal is incredibly hard. When we got our first dog in 1990, a pedigree golden retriever who would later turn out to be the most allergic animal in Britain, we had to name her something beginning with an F, as though she were a newly-minted Volkswagen instead of a fluffy little ball of carsickness.

I chose Flora. My younger brother chose Frank Bruno. Sadly for Flora, I won.

Last week I named my future cat Colonel Aurelio Buendia on the basis that I can call it Cab for short, and Ted Bundy when it behaves like an utter bastard. I am terrible at naming animals. Sometimes, simple is best. Like Steve. Or this lot.

  1. katbrown82
    I just met a terrier called Philip. Philip is a MARVELLOUS name for a dog.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 00:26:30
  2. chris_mandle
    @katbrown82 I viewed a flat last night and the flat have a cat called Bertie. So exciting!
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 01:04:56
  3. chris_mandle
    @katbrown82 I know! Also his former owner raised him on worthers originals and Ribena and he can’t mew properly. It’s love.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 01:09:49
  4. SmegSlayer
    @katbrown82 we had a cat called Clive in the other day with a big pink heart name tag on his collar
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 01:28:11
  5. goodallsix
    @katbrown82 our builders dog is called Alan – I love it (name!)
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 10:40:53
  6. jenbradly
    @goodallsix @katbrown82 a friend of mine once encountered a tiny kitten called Alan.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 10:46:49
  7. jenbradly
    @goodallsix @katbrown82 It’s also a long-term ambition of mine to name a pet “Carol”.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 10:48:20
  8. SianySianySiany
    @katbrown82 My friend had an African bullfrog called John.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 12:46:31
  9. katbrown82
    @JessyCritical My colleague has a cat called Jeff. A favourite game is creating new Jeffnames. Jeff by chocolate is a fave.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 12:52:30
  10. Mr_Fitzgerald
    @katbrown82 a friends cat is called Ian. Magnificently anthropomorphic.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 12:53:19
  11. mrscomedyarms
    @katbrown82 Someone I know has a cat called Steve, and my other friends’ recently deceased dog was called Liam.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 12:54:25
  12. fohoboo
    @katbrown82 my friend has cats called Terry and Roy
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:03:55
  13. TurnedHerBrain
    @katbrown82 I have a signed statement from my boyfriend that we can have a mini schnauzer called Gordon
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:05:58
  14. FitzBowden
    @katbrown82 My cat is called Omar. We call “Omar comin'” as he prowls the hood (aka suburbia)
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:06:23
  15. pureartifice
    @katbrown82 my friend Liza has two cats called Winnie and Gregory.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:06:35
  16. Jummy_Cliff
    @katbrown82 My first cat – c1984 – was a russian blue called Boris. My father named him after Karloff. Ridiculous name.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:07:21
  17. joshuawfarrell
    @katbrown82 tried to convince my sister to name her dog Bruce, then at night dress him up as batman so that he can fight crime…
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:08:23
  18. popsiwinkle
    @katbrown82 when I was at uni we had a hamster called Colin who unfortunately died by falling out of a window
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:08:34
  19. LeeWilliams
    @katbrown82 my friend Charlotte has a cat called Alan and once dressed him up as a wasp.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:08:46
  20. farmfeatures
    @katbrown82 My cat was called Pete. My mum had vetoed Marvin so we went with Pete.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:09:45
  21. thenozzdogg
    @katbrown82 A friend of mine has a spaniel called Dexter. Don’t think they’ve seen the TV show.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:09:52
  22. CethanLeahy
    @katbrown82 Our two dogs are Chloe and Faye! Two Old English Sheepdog sisters named after two English sisters we knew as kids.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:10:27
  23. Brandux
    @FitzBowden @katbrown82 Our dog is called Omar, & we quite often say “Omar’s comin” too, to…sheep, rabbits, and the like, when out & about
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:12:46
  24. CorrinneBurns
    @katbrown82 Our family Yorkie was named Leonard (by me). My brother disapproved, and on walkies would only refer to the poor dog as “John”.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:15:21
  25. TweetCashmore
    @thenozzdogg @katbrown82 My family cat is called Dexter. However, what makes it remarkable is that Dexter is female.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:15:31
  26. EmmaDB
    @katbrown82 My cat is called Trevor. He has personality issues.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:15:44
  27. sarahjphughes
    @CorrinneBurns @katbrown82 my family dog was named Humphrey by me at 7, this was better than the cat we inherited who had been named Satan.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:20:27
  28. Isabelwriter
    @katbrown82 OK: 2 cats. Darcy, as he looks v dapper like Mr Darcy, & George, who was supposed to be his sister Georgiana but fooled 2 vets.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:20:53
  29. ajhalls1
    @katbrown82 my old football manager couldn’t afford a dog. He bought a cat and called it Fido.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:20:53
  30. MissCellany
    @katbrown82 I once knew a big fat tabby cat who went by the name of Bognor Regis. I’m stealing her to put in a book one day.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:22:15
  31. ganofo
    @CorrinneBurns @katbrown82 I once worked with a guy who had two cats “Bathroom” and “Binoculars.” True story.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:23:55
  32. hattiegarlick
    @katbrown82 I had a hamster called Veronica. And I know a cat called Dean. They wouldn’t have got on, sadly.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:26:01
  33. pureartifice
    @katbrown82 hairdresser has kitten called One, as people kept asking him if he would get a pair of kittens and he said “No, One’s enough”
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:28:40
  34. JaninLincoln

    “@TweeterofWit: “@Mr_Fitzgerald: @katbrown82 a friends cat is called Ian. Magnificently anthropomorphic.”Next door’s dog was Neil…

    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:30:08
  35. urbane_fox
    @katbrown82 my parents have two insane burmeses called Bertie and Lily. Aptly middle-class north London cat names.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:31:25
  36. goodallsix
    @jenbradly @katbrown82 I think Carol would need to be a cat! My springer’s name is Otis as I wanted to call fourth child but husband said no
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:31:32
  37. giacavalli
    @katbrown82 A friend of ours has a Maine Coon called Sir Anthony Flopkins. Everyone calls him Tony for short.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:50:23
  38. psmith
    @katbrown82 I saw a man shouting after a dog called Atticus in Stoke Newington.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:57:16
  39. brassk
    @katbrown82 our dogs are called Bernard and Mr Chips. Bernard is a girl.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 13:58:15
  40. CalamityMaclean
    @katbrown82 I have a hamster called Claude. He isn’t French.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 14:01:43
  41. FitzBowden
    @Brandux @katbrown82 Ha! What kind of woofer is he? Our other cat is called Moomintroll. I get funny looks when I call for her
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 14:45:08
  42. Brandux
    @FitzBowden @katbrown82 Here he is, gazing at his favourite shop! 😉
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 14:56:52
  43. glittershim
    @katbrown82 oh how i wish my childhood dog Edna was alive today to meet all these suitably named animal friends.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 15:03:18
  44. glittershim
    @katbrown82 (except clearly not in zombie form. that would just be wrong.)
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 15:03:39
  45. LukeWhiston
    @katbrown82 We still doing this? Meet Ralph, 8, chilling in his cool spot after a life-saving op last week 🙂
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 15:14:09
  46. rosielizcross
    @katbrown82 My sister had a goldfish called Sarah. At the time it was also her lifetime ambition to become a white rabbit called Sarah.
    Wed, Aug 22 2012 17:01:50

6 thoughts on “Pets with pleasingly boring names

  1. My pets names: 3 dogs, 2 cats Josie (Mama’s baby), Bridget, Tricia (Twitta), Nimrod – never ever answered to it, so goes by Kiddy – – a cat, can’t you guess. And my other cat, Howard (Abba).

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