Ancient, obscenely expensive television, seeks retirement home near Camberwell


“You should have brought your TV,” said my boyfriend gleefully as we passed the retro and relics section of the Eurogamer Expo. “You could have set it up in a corner and nobody would have known the difference.”

He has teased me endlessly about my TV since we met. I loved my television. I loved it primarily because my parents gave it to me gratis when I moved into Twee Flat, and a free TV is not to be sniffed at.

Primarily, I enjoy it because it is an example of how far we have come in terms of tech. It’s a Thomson Scenium – who are Thomson? Do they even make televisions anymore? – and a decade ago, it cost my parents £1500. Let’s just have a think about what you can get for £1500. It was THE SHIT of its day. The televisual ubermaester. It has good sound. But ultimately, a new Samsung costs £250 on Amazon, and I got bored of sitting in my armchair six feet away in order to play PS3 games. This thing predates HD.

So if any person, or company, or whatever, would like a free television in alarmingly good working order, and can come to Camberwell to collect it, contact me on katmsbrown @

– 27″ screen (36″ frame)
– Virtual  Dolby surround sound (I do not know what this means)
– 1.5″wide
– 8.5 inches with attached stand
– remote control and power lead attached
– perfect working order, probably bomb proof
– prime example of TV’s land before time, unless you count the enormous boxes we had in the 80s

No timewasters please, or my ancient television and I will troll you til kingdom come.

UPDATE: After absolutely minimal interest in having a television for free, I sold it on eBay for £20. Score!


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