Write Club goes to Canadamerica!

Prince Edward Island: how OUTRAGEOUSLY gorgeous is that?

Prince Edward Island: how OUTRAGEOUSLY gorgeous is that?

At the end of June, Elizabeth and I are going to Canada and New England! On a cruise!

This is a joy for many reasons.

1) I have never been to either. I have been dying to. I was actually planning an autumn trip to stalk those lovely New England leaves when this came through.

2) Elizabeth and I had just re-read the Emily of New Moon trilogy by LM Montgomery, arguably one of the best series ever written. (Way better than the Anne books, but it will take this post wildly off-course if I start talking about why.)

Anyhow, one of the stops on the cruise is Prince Edward Island, where Montgomery lived and where all her books were set. WILD, WILD EXCITEMENT! An actual day of pilgrimage for 2/3 of  Write Club then.

3) I have always, always longed to go on a cruise. Inside, I am 85.

Now, we’re off for a week, with a day to hang out in different places. I would adore your tips on where to go. Usually we’ll be in  port at 8am, and have to be back on board by 4/5pm, which means late night boozing is out of the question (but  eating, drinking and exploring is very much the plan).

If you have any tips for these places, please do let me know.

I am so, SO excited.

Quebec City
** My old Emap colleague Chris says the funicular only takes about 30 seconds and is very cute. What is not to love about any kind of railway, let alone one up a cliff?
** Holly on Twitter recommends “an amazing bakery called Le Croquembouche” (as if I need telling twice!)
** Frances: “Definitely eat poutine – it’s really great.” I definitely will please thank you.

On the sea, ladies. Gulf of St. Lawrence.
(Someone told me there would be whales, but this might have been a lie)
Chris again: “There are definitely whales on the St Lawrence. We went near Taddousac and saw humpbacks and belugas.”
**Frances: “There are lots of whales, I went on a boat there – it was ace!” HUUUURRRRNNNNHHH!

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
(no prizes, we’re LM Montgomery-ing the hell out of our day)


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Bar Harbor, Maine
(I would like to spend a large portion of time eating shellfish)

Boston, Massachusetts
(Cruising for accents, obviously)
Holly on Twitter again: “Boston Public Library & The MIT Museum are great. Oh, and the North End in Boston does amazing Italian food. Pizzeria Regina is especially good.”


3 thoughts on “Write Club goes to Canadamerica!

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  2. Definitely worth queueing for Pizzeria Regina in Boston – get there early, though. Boston’s also a lovely city for wandering/walking. The aquarium is amazing, but you might not be bothered about that if you’ve seen actual whales in the actual sea beforehand 🙂

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