The saga of Cat Brown 6: Good news!


The ongoing saga of my cat and her health problems/life problems has been quiet of late, for all manner of good reasons. Ambridge has fully grasped going in and out without being attacked by feral cats, and it’s been at least a month since I last had to rescue her from the roof with a fold-up Ikea chair.

When she was diagnosed with heart problems, I was told she would have to have a blood test every six months to check that her condition hadn’t deteriorated. I duly dispatched her for a day at the vet. It has to be a day, because Ambridge is so bloody foul to poor Mr Irish the Irish vet (and it turns out, the other vet too. All vets.) that she requires sedation. This is incredibly expensive, so thank God for pet insurance. Stupid cat.

HOWEVER! It is with very great joy that I can reveal good news. The proteins that lead to heart disease have reduced, there’s no thickening in the walls of her heart, and she won’t need another blood test for a year.

“She seems very stable, very stable,” said Mr Irish.

“I don’t think anybody’s called my cat that before!” I said, thoroughly giddy.

“Well.  In that sense.”

To celebrate Ambridge’s improving health, here are some gratuitous photos of her from the past few months. A toast to a cat who will hopefully be looking outraged and sitting in bags for a long time to come.

ambridge-cat-box ambridge-cat-throne-of-games

ambridge-cat-sleepingambridge cat pink plastic bag

ambridge-cat-photobomb ambridge-cat-waitrose-bag


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