Full-size Snickers

I was so pleased to have done Royal Parks (or fun-size Snickers as my brother called it because – wait for it – it’s a half marathon), but almost immediately started feeling slightly deflated about not having a new goal.  I signed up for a couple of 10ks, and a Santa run with the friends I ran the London Zoo 10k with, but beyond that was a bit “ppffft” about the whole thing.

This is partly because, while on paper I’d had doing a half-marathon down as the be all and end all of this year’s running plans, I really wanted to do something ridiculous. Months ago I entered the London Marathon ballot, and was genuinely disappointed not to get in (if not massively surprised – my brother’s friend has been trying unsuccessfully for years).

I got a phone call from someone at Mind last night about my marathon application. And in short, yours truly is running the 2014 London Marathon! Not even joking! What the hell am I doing! I’m going to have to learn about gels!

I’m going to have to learn about gels 😦



4 thoughts on “Full-size Snickers

  1. Yay to the next goal! (and what a goal!)

    I’m currently struggling to figure out what my next goal is – I suppose it’s to cut my 10k time down and commit to running at least 30k a month to keep my fitness up. I should also start looking for new races to enter, I suppose.

    Any suggestions on a new challenge welcomed (although I don’t think my poor old knees could cope with a half marathon)

    • Eurgh – I am also in dire need of a goal as my training programme doesn’t start until December 23 and I really need something to keep me going until then so I don’t turn into a potato. I’ve signed up to some more races and will hopefully do some more with Helen and Olly – racing with friends is SUPER fun, because of lunch afterwards mainly.

      Complete lies about knees and running. Do it! Do it!

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