The Red Series

sarah dunn red series photographyI KNOW RIGHT! Who knew my eyes were that colour? I look as though I’ve successfully auditioned for The Walking Dead in the role of “Capable Woman”.

This is part of a project called The Red Series, by the amazing Sarah Dunn, who does lots of beautiful portrait photography for Empire and is now snapping natural redheads. I had my photograph taken at the beginning of August, trotting up to a studio in Islington in a white vest. It was such a lovely day, partly because I got to have my make-up done and it was all very quick, and partly because I then got to eat everything in sight at Gallipolli with Helen before we both trotted off to a birthday party where there were lots of fun people.

In order to up the contrast and colour, Sarah got us to look into extraordinarily bright lights, hence my slightly furious squint. Although Olly said it was a smize, so I will totally take that.

Lucy Quick, another former-Empirite, had her picture taken too and it is STUNNING. We swapped pictures yesterday and screamed a lot over email. I really hope I get to see more of the project because it would be gorgeous to see more redheads looking exciting. Also, Sarah is a ridiculously talented, and her photographs are well worth losing half an hour in.

(If this post only makes vague sense it’s because I keep getting distracted by looking at the photo and going “That – that is me.”)

Edit: Sarah is now looking for more redheads to photograph, so if you’re interested, please send a recent picture of yourself to using the subject line The Red Series.


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