A batrillion Santas run round Battersea Park – HO YES

london santa run battersea park (2)

Nothing to see here, everything is completely normal

Signing up to run a six-point-something km race dressed in a Santa suit seemed like a brilliant idea in October.

It was DEFINITELY a brilliant idea when we arrived in Battersea Park! You have no idea of the total joy that comes from wandering into a park feeling a bit cold and “it’s 9am on a Saturday WTF” to be greeted by an ocean of identically-dressed runners.

I was expecting crepe paper. Instead we got some rather cosy polyester thing encompassing the world’s largest trousers, wraparound jackets, and fiddly belts, and beards, modelled here by Olly and Corrie.

london santa run battersea park (7)

My favourite fancy dress outfits:

  • The baby dressed as an elf
  • The Christmas tree and the Christmas pudding dancing all through the warm-up

london santa run battersea park (9)

  • Rudolph the reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh (a wheelchair) with tinsel

london santa run battersea park (14)

  • The Grinch, and his tiny sidekick

london santa run battersea park (15)

  • Everyone who wore an inflatable Santa costume

london santa run battersea park (12)

  • All the dogs whose owners somehow managed to obtain spare beards and make them wear them

london santa run battersea park (1)

As with the ParkRun, I bolted off far too fast* and almost immediately got a stitch that went on for 4km. However, there were lots of Santas singing carols which was extremely cheering, and most importantly (for some of our contingent, ie: Olly) we all got medals when we finished, and then went off for an extremely healthy lunch. By which I obviously mean Bloody Marys, hot chocolate and panettone. Banging.

(Sidenote: on Monday, while schlepping round Brockwell Park in the correct direction, I tracked my 100th activity on Runkeeper. I got really cheerful until I realised I’d had the app since February 2011 and have also used it for incredibly short walks. Hey-ho.)

*In the loosest sense of the word

Next race! The Nativity Run, Clapham Common

Last race: The Mousdashe, Brockwell Park


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