Amazing New Paperweight!

I won an award!

photo 2

No really – I won an award. Look!



Remember my Write Club holiday with Elizabeth to Canadamerica? Well unbeknownst to me Sam, my angelic editor at The Lady, submitted my feature to the Cruise Journalism Awards. This is the feature. It is probably not as serious as some cruise features actually are.

I got an invitation – dress code: business attire.  I got this on a day when I was sitting in the office in a pencil skirt, sequinned jumper and purple ankle socks – and thought no more of it beyond “Mm, a party” and “There can’t be that many people writing about cruises. They probably just do a Google search and invite everyone.”

H and I duly met up at the May Fair Hotel. I was late, H was miraculous. I cannot tell you what a treat it is to go on a jaunt with someone who has brought a tie with him just in case.


The twin facts of it being months since I went to church due to running, and my parents offering me some rather nice fizz at the Green Man and French Horn last Thursday has led to a glorious reunion with booze on nights without running on the other side. As well as the seriously delicious canapes, I was extremely taken by the red wine, which was an enchantingly full-flavoured cabernet shiraz called Flagstone Longitude 2012 (yes, I asked the waiter and noted it down). You can get six bottles for £50 on Amazon. This was the best wine I’ve had in ages, and beats the crap out of anything I’ve ordered from my various online wine clubs.


Anyway, after some lovely nibbles we trooped off for the awards, with an incredibly filthy and hysterical opening speech by Michael Buerk. I was surprised to see I’d been nominated, and burst out laughing when I heard that I had won. I had my photo taken, while the audience laughed at our heights.

And then we settled back to applaud the other winners, H giggling every time someone mentioned cruising, which was a lot, and afterwards he and I trooped off for an amazing milkshake at The Big Easy on Maiden Lane, right round the corner from The Lady’s offices – thank you Sam!

CLIA Cruise Journalism Awards - Kat Brown


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