Full-Size Snickers Training! Week 14: Tapering Hell, Bra Hell


I’m in Women’s Running magazine! Thanks to @filmcharlotte for the heads up.

That picture has had some brilliant advert uses. When I was on holiday in February, it turned up on Facebook. It’s a bit weird seeing myself there – you don’t get asked, but then I haven’t asked when I’m using it  – but it is a great photo and entirely sums up how I intend to feel on marathon day.

ANYWAY. Still tapering. Taper taper taper. I treated myself to a lovely massage on Wednesday to pull my back into some semblance of order. For various reasons, I only went out once this week, which was on Mothering Sunday from my parents’ house. 8am start = 7am start. I had to pull half the underwiring out of my sports bra – auspicious start! This also means that I now have no sports bras with all their underwiring in. Is it too late to get another one and wear that in? What if it rips my chest to bits, even with Vaseline?

Breathe love. Luckily, I had the dog to cheer me along.

country running (4)

Her anxious face followed me around the garden, clothes peg clutched firmly in mouth, while I did some vague stretching. She’s too creaky to come running, so I left her lovely furry self behind and headed off for 10 miles around the hilly circuit I first did in glorious sunshine last summer.

It was not a glorious sunshine sort of morning at all, but there were lots of cyclists out and the odd rider to say hello to which was really nice. But whoa, the overwhelming theme of this run was “Is it over yet? I’m quite bored.” Also, bouncing: having a malfunctioning sports bra just served to remind me how important it is to have one that works. I am by no means the only one biting down on the urge to run up to untamed joggers and hand out cards with good bra shops on.

Seeing my plans to hand out cards to poorly-equipped girls, I see why tapering does make people go a bit loopy. You don’t have anything to do, really. You’ve done your most mental bits of training, and now you just have to wait until race day and hope you don’t sustain any awful injuries.

country running (2) country running (1)

Eventually, miles later, the sun came out. And even more eventually, I got home, had a shower, and ate some hot cross buns before giving my mum her Mothering Sunday present and card, and hoping that someone had finally decided on where to put the apostrophe in Mother’s Day.

In two weeks time, I’d be doing Stupid Race. What the hell am I going to do until then?


4 thoughts on “Full-Size Snickers Training! Week 14: Tapering Hell, Bra Hell

  1. That picture is awesome! I wouldn’t worry too much about a new bra – when I did my marathon in Edinburgh, I unpacked my bag to realised I’d left my trusty sports bra at home! Luckily I’d arrived on the Friday night (race on Sunday) so I could get to M&S on Saturday to get a replacement (tha k god they had my size!). I gave it a cold handwash to soften it up, and it was totally fine on the day. No vaseline required.

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