Tall Girl Treat: Autumn and three great things to look forward to

Tall Girl Treat is back! Before we get started on clothes and shoes, can we just have a moment for a couple of really amazing things? Thanks.

1) Temperley London’s Pre-Fall and Winter collections. I loved Dolce and Gabbana’s fairytale-inspired AW line, then saw one of Alice Temperley’s shirts on Instagram and went into a spiral of lust. Oh my good lord, literally, if anyone has to be violently copied by the high street this season it’s Alice Temperley, because I need all of these gorgeous patterns, laces and flowers, and I have none of the many hundreds of pounds required to obtain them. I spent 15 minutes last night putting expensive clothes on Pinterest and half-weeping while trying to work out whether Diana had actually sabotaged Iain on Bake-Off.

Can't flipping WAIT.

Can’t flipping WAIT.

2) En Brogue’s book. I am utterly glued to both Hannah Rochelle’s blog and Instagram about beautiful flat shoes and her illustrations of same, and in a fortnight, her book comes out too. Cannot. Wait.

This also ties into…

I need this. I need it now. In a 9.

I need this. I need it now. In a 9.

3) Clarks x Orla Kiely. I am frankly devastated that this gorgeous range, which launches on September 5, has nothing in a 9. Look at these loafers! They were made to be on my feet! WTF is this gigantic shoe tragedy!

For those of you with size 8s, and at least £100 to spare, go nuts, and buy the lovely, lovely things.

Onto the clothes!

Edina Ronay coat from TK Maxx

Edina Ronay coat from TK Maxx

Coat season! Let the saints be praised.

When we moved into our swanky new London Bridge offices, I went to explore the TK Maxx on Gracechurch Street. On visit number two, I found this absolutely stunning wool coat by a designer called Edina Ronay, for £79.99. I had to buy it.

  • Her name is EDINA.
  • Her dad was Egon Ronay, of food fame
  • That collar is just majestic
  • It is a treat
  • It makes me feel like a million dollars in old money, like when a million dollars meant something
  • Wool stops me from falling asleep when it gets cold
  • Her name is EDINA

I had the sleeves taken down as far as they would go, and I’m just thrilled with it.

I’m urgently on the hunt for new trousers. ASOS haven’t brought in much autumn/winter stuff yet as they’re still getting rid of their summer sale stock, but snap up these fabulous tartan jersey ones. Available in sizes 6 to 18, they’re £22.


The other day I went up to Long Tall Sally and tried on a frankly obscene amount of stuff. Not because I wanted to mess with the staff, but because for someone that recommends ASOS (which I do like) I am terrible about buying stuff I haven’t tried on beforehand. I just don’t like doing it.

These two pairs of trousers were the absolute best. If you’re a 36″ or so like me, try the jeans on in a 38″ – at 36″ they just sort of stop, which doesn’t work with the leather trim (which looks amazing on. These jeans are ridiculously flattering, and I tried on a lot of jeans that day).

The ponte trousers are also excellent. LTS haven’t really brought out anything to match the wow-making 7/8 trousers they did last year, but these are the closest to match them. They’re well-designed, flattering, they look extremely expensive on and they make the rest of your clothes look better. I only wish LTS were doing them in something else like navy or green.

Onto the boots and shoes


Soon, my preciouses. Soon.  L-R Hotel Chic (£65)  Busby Jazz Oxblood (£65) Busby Jazz Grey (£65) Busby Folly (£69.99)

More Clarks. I’ve put these shoes in pink sepia because I’ve been lusting after them for so long that I actually wrote about most of these on Domestic Sluttery. I adore all of these styles, and one of the reasons I bang on about Clarks so much is that as well as doing great brogues and monk straps, they are also ridiculously comfortable. I genuinely cannot believe that I used to give myself foot injuries by paying £50 for papercuts with soles.

Duo Rika Boots

Rika boots, £210

DUO‘s boots and shoes come in three foot widths, and with boots you choose your calf size so they fit perfectly – which is also why they are significantly more expensive than most boots on the high street. That said, I’ve had both my pairs since I bought them five or six years ago and they are still going strong. Well, one of them is. I ruined my beloved black ones by wearing insoles in them. I should have ordered a size higher. I still wear them though, I just can’t wear them in the rain because I’ve ruined the leather and they leak. LOVE THEM THOUGH!

DUO’s over the knee boots finish right under the knee on me, which is exactly where I want my boots to finish. I don’t know what I’d do in a pair of actual over the knee boots. Laugh, probably.

This pair is Rika, they go up to a 43 (size 10 by DUO’s standards) and you can can also get them in brown. Love these! Oh, the joy of having zips on the outside so you don’t snag your tights on them when crossing your legs. I started looking into these when I was planning a wintry trip to new York – those soles have a pleasing air of Goodyear about them, and the last thing I want to do in winter is fall over on a pavement.

DUO Romi Boots

Romi boots, £210

If you want something sleeker, try the Romi boots. Same price, but with a (very slightly) pointed toe and a zip at the back, but a shame they only go up to a 42 (9). And if you’re very brave, and more importantly, the sort of responsible person who can be trusted with suede, then OH MY.

DUO Boots Mena green suede embroidered boots
Hello! I love you! Won’t you tell me your name! Oh MENA, hello!

These Mena suede embroidered boots are £230 and available up to a 10 (43). Obviously, given my penchant for believing that I actually live in the woods, I love the green, but you can also get ridiculously stylish black too. Unfortunately I am nowhere near enough of an adult to be held responsible for the upkeep of £230 suede boots, but I bet one of you is.

Anyway, that’s it for Tall Girl Treat – it’s lovely to be back, and I’d love you to tell me what you’re wearing at the moment. Oh – God. Not in that way. I’m putting the phone down now. Bye!


For more tall fashion inspiration, check out my previous Tall Girl Treat posts on Domestic Sluttery and my Ultimate Size 9 to 13 Shoe Guide.


4 thoughts on “Tall Girl Treat: Autumn and three great things to look forward to

  1. Love the post Kat! Some great ideas here and you have made me lust after boots and it is too early.
    I tried the Clarks Busby Jazz Brogues last week. I’m a little concerned they may fall into the category that so many shoes fall into of having been designed to look good in a 4 and so not really working in an 8. I plan to visit them again to check.
    Jo x

    • Jo, hooray! And agreed on boots. Once I get into autumn mode it inevitably hots up again by which time I am irrevocably bound to tights, and boil accordingly. If you google Clarks voucher code there is one until the end of September (at least I HOPE it’s til the end of September because I haven’t bought mine yet and that would be appalling). See you soon, and congratulations! x

  2. Hi! Just stumbled across your blog whilst looking for…tall tartan trousers! I actually bought the ones you posted a photo of and they were delivered yesterday. I have to add a word of warning though, I would consider myself a good size 14 and these trousers are huuuuge! And also quite a different shape to the photo – as in the crotch is down by the knees! I love the print though as its tartan without being too over the top so I’m considering changing to a smaller size to see if they are a better fit.

    I am definitely going to carry on reading your blog though as the tall clothing issue is one i have faced throughout my whole life!! I really like all the clothes you have featured 🙂

    • NO! Oh that is really naughty of them – nobody wants surprise harem pants (or arguably wants harem pants full stop). Thanks very much for the feedback on those. Long Tall Sally has some great red tartan skinny jeans you might prefer? And blue tartan check trousers too. Sadly the red ones were too skinny for my gammes but their 14 is very typical. And thank you, I look forward to keeping you updated – shout if there is anything in particular you want to find.

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