Friends: The Play


Growing up in London, and later in Hampshire, I loved nothing more than playing with my BF, Ben Key. Ben was a cultural ambassador in otherwise fairly boring Raynes Park, and introduced me to Clueless and my two great loves, X-Men comics and Grease 2. Unfortunately, whenever we tried to play together, our horrible mothers forced us to endure his younger siblings, Marcus and Tammy, and my younger brother Nick being foisted on us whenever we tried to play essential games of Captain Planet, or The Worst Witch.

Having to entertain siblings is obviously the worst thing to happen to any elder child, but eventually we twigged that this simply meant more people to boss around in Power Five, a tense LARP combining X-Men, Power Rangers, Famous Five and Clarissa Explains It All.

We also Wrote Plays, which our parents had to suffer through while practising their best straight faces. Last year, Marcus dug out Friends: The Play, written when we were 10. I don’t think I’d ever actually seen Friends at this point, as the Keys had access to infinitely more exciting TV than we did. I think Marcus, Ben’s younger brother, had seen it a lot as he a) made himself director, aka KING and b) cast himself as Chandler. Despite Marcus attempting a coup, Ben and I stamped our own despotic mark on it at the end, ensuring this dreadful play was forever COPYRIGHT: KEYBROWN. But it is…a thing. A thing that happened. And I love Friends: The Play.

Would anyone like a warm drink?


“Warm drink”


If we ran out of ideas, or forgot stuff we could nick from the show, we just wrote Ha a lot.


Babysitting was our only career prospect




I think by the end we ran out of interest



2 thoughts on “Friends: The Play

  1. I love this! “I gotta go” “Yeah I gotta go too”.

    Me and my sister spent many an hour making up songs (we had a girl group called Sparkle) – we got the lyric sheets from Smash Hits! and made up the tunes to go along. I vividly remember my older sister telling that sometimes we were so good that the tunes we made up were exactly like the actual songs. I believed her.

    • This band sounds *incredible*. And also hugely comforting as I tried to be in many girl bands, all of which were terrible, but all of which were fuelled by 100% conviction that discovery and TOTP were just around the corner.

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