Tall Girl Treat: Capes! Capes for everyone!

Marks and Spencer capes

*sun does not count

Guys, can we forget that it’s Indian Summer territory and pretend it’s freezing? Thanks. Let’s chat warmth.

M&S is one of my secret weapons for tall girl clothing. It’s not specialist (translation: makes you feel like a giraffe that may be spotted by poachers at any second), the quality is largely great, and the turnover is enormous. You can go three seasons thinking “Well that’s fine, I guess” and then four years helplessly craving everything in sight. Nothing makes me feel spoiled like going into M&S when they’re having a good season. I’ve got loads of their skirts and tops. Trousers remain a no-no as an M&S long is 33″, and their (excellent) shoes stop at a 9. Oh well, can’t have it all.

Their geometric patterns have always been great, see also: tights. M&S hosiery (ghastly word) is superb for tall girls. Try L or XL sizes.

marks and spencer tights

A brief pause to thanks M&S for their tights

My long-cherished cape went missing from its home, the back of my office chair, in the run-up to moving to our new building. This was doubly gutting because it had a beautiful brooch that belonged to my great aunt Kitten (actual name), and also because this was a shit-hot black cape that kept me warm and feeling like at any moment I could either turn to a life of crime, or join a really hip music video.

Happily, there are capes again this season, and my favourites are M&S capes. Because many of its ranges are aimed at an older market, there’s none of this fannying around skimping on material, or length of material. Length is good on tops, blouses, and woollies. Same goes for its capes. Now, a disclaimed: I can’t be doing with blonde, or oatmeal colours as they make me look like Elizabeth I on a bad day, but all these capes are available in those colours if you can pull them off.

marks and spencer black cashmere wrapDo you have £199.50? GOOD FOR YOU! Then you can look as pleased about it as this model. This cashmere cowlneck wrap is available in oatmeal (yawn), silver grey (err) and black (hurrah!). If it were in cerise and had tassles, I would be waving my credit card right now, and my credit card would be crying “Don’t do it Jerry, not with Christmas on the way”, but as it is let’s move on to the ones we might actually wear without fearing wine.

Pictured top:

  • Cowl neck poncho wrap – lovely colours (oatmeal, wine, denim), and perfect for just pulling over your head and forgetting it’s there: £25
  • Houndstooth wrap – also available in blonde, £29.50
  • Tassle trim wrap – this is my favourite, hence picturing it twice. Sigh. If it was ribbed, it would be like my beloved ex-cape *dissolves into sobs, pulls self together enough to gulp that this one is £25 and available in black, wine and grey*
  • Faux fur trim striped wrap – Ignore the slightly disturbing photo which makes it look like a lady garden flamboyantly being its best self. The stripes are AMAZING. Colours: Grey mix and purple mix, £49.50

Let’s just look at the tassles one again in a different colour.

marks and spencer tassle wrap wine

Seriously, tassles. Wine colouring. Divine.

Just put that on with some long boots and jeans and go STRIDING through life like you don’t have the time because you’re on your way to do something phenomenal.

Which, of course, you are.


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