Tall Girl Treat: TTYA x Long Tall Sally (and new shoes!)

I’ve managed to keep two secrets of late – three, actually, but one is so secret it is not actually allowed to exist. Let us never speak of this again.

First in the successfully-kept and disclosable section, H’s birthday present. I kept schtum about that for two months and by God it nearly killed me. Second, this collaboration between Taller Than Your Average and Long Tall Sally which I wanted to tell you about last week, but was asked to keep schtum til today – handy, because that’s when it actually goes on sale.

Ambridge is less excited, but nonetheless resigned herself to modelling the promo poster.

Ambridge is less excited, but nonetheless resigned herself to modelling the promo poster.

With valiant tall brands like Lanky Bird and Amber & Jade (sob) folding each day, I felt genuinely angsty about not lusting after TTYA’s range of jersey basics when they launched last year. I love the idea, I’m just not a jersey basics person. As she proved on the excellent inspiration board that TTYA launched with, founder Irene Agbontaen is the sort of stylish creature you’d long to get shopping tips from.

Her philosophy is “tall girls should be style conscious, not self-conscious” – too bloody right. Following TTYA joining  ASOS’s new Tall channel in April, Irene has designed an 18-piece collection for Long Tall Sally which adds new textures and shapes to her jersey favourites, and is modelled by her gorgeous model chum Jamie Gunns. HOORAY! Also, great name.

Burberry Prorsum: Backstage - London Fashion Week SS15

Any excuse to add a picture of the fabulous Jourdan Dunn: backstage at Burberry Prorsum at LFW, looking fabulous in the stripe wrap shirt (£50).

The TTYA x Long Tall Sally range starts at £30 for a metallic cami, going up to £55 for trousers, £70 for the full midi skirt and ripped jeans, and £100 for the white scuba and longline jackets. The yeti coat is £110: basically, if you’ve been lusting after a Shrimps-style fake fur coat – seriously, I cannot call them chubbies without having teenage smut hysterics – but haven’t got north of £500, then head here.

There are also ripped jeans, tapered trousers, leather trousers, shirts, coats and frocks, as well as a jersey bodysuit.

LTS sent me a couple of items to try on, which coincided with the arrival of the Clarks Narrative shoes I bought with my leaving present from work. TOTAL shoes of joy!

A word about the shoes of joy. They should not exist. I have been glued to the Clarks site for two solid years and these, allegedly the Busby Jazz style, are a cross between those and the Hotel Chic black ponyskin. I had Amazon vouchers and found them there. No idea where they came from bu they are bloody gorgeous and now I have New Shoes to go with New Job. Thank you former colleagues!


Apologies for the many, many filters but the only mirror I have is one I use for looking in. I tried the collarless white shirt (£50. LONG sleeves = blissful joy) and tapered black trousers (£55). I have been craving a nice pair of black trousers for, ooh, about five years now and these are so – so – close to being spot on. They’re in a light, but smart fabric that’s just right for autumn. The tapering marks them out as light years from Saturday Job In Cafe trousers because they are quite frankly, bloody stylish.

They finish right on the ankle. They have good pockets and keep hips draped without ballooning. The waistline nips you in and looks terrific. All so good. The crotch came up slightly short on me, as with my beautiful blue striped 7/8s from last autumn. It’s not a camel toe situation, but it can make you feel slightly pinched.

If you can’t get to a store to try on what you fancy from the TTYA x LTS range, sign up to the LTS catalogue: you get free delivery and returns as well as a discount off full-priced stuff. BOOM!

Congratulations to Irene and Long Tall Sally for a fantastic collaboration – now, go and get your mitts on it.

Taller Than Your Average x Long Tall Sally


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