Happy New Year, may 2015 be joyful and catful

The best sign I saw in New York

The best sign I saw in New York

2014 has been a very, very long year. 365 days. Many, many hours. Some quantity of minutes that I do not possess the mathematical ability or interest to calculate and oh my God, maths, I’ve already bored myself.

I find looking back on a whole year a bit of an impossibility, like trying to fit an entire packet of digestives in your mouth without taking the wrapping off first.

On the face of it, 2014 was a wonderful year, bursting with achievements, great news and supreme shopping choices etc etc. I hope you had a lovely time, and that 2015 is a great one.

But come on: it was also a year, and like any other year, there are unsatisfactory days, crap telly and the odd lonely afternoon. It is a year, like any other year.

The good bits:
The marathon
The new job that I started in September and which I am almost sickeningly in love with
My friends’ and family’s ongoing health
The cat
Visiting New York, and Wales, and visiting both with H
My brother’s engagement to a lovely, kick-ass woman

And one memory, of one evening

I got too caught up in everything being perfect for my 30th birthday to really enjoy it. For my 31st, I had a Victorian attack of the vapours and we missed dinner. For my 32nd birthday, on a Sunday, I thought “Oh fuck it,” and summoned as many of my favourite people as could fit around my table the night before, once I’d assembled it from its various storage places around the flat.

I cooked my favourite dish, the best slaw, and made a Bruce Bogtrotter-proportioned chocolate cake, and fed my friends. It was one of the loveliest evenings I’ve had in ages. Pregnant and teetotal friends excepted, we got steadily more and more pissed until suddenly it was midnight and I broke all my birthday rules and opened my presents then and there.

Everyone wobbled off home and H and I were left, and I broke more rules by opening my family’s presents. I had just opened a baster and two pairs of socks in the wrong size, when suddenly H was on the floor. He was neither picking up wrapping paper, or addressing a hole in his pocket as I dimly thought. In fact, shortly afterwards we were engaged.

And conveniently, nearly all of the most important people who will be at our wedding, were at that dinner party.

That was a really good evening.

Cat Brown engagement

Fierce New Year wishes from Kat Brown, and Cat Brown. Have a terrific 2015 x



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