About Me

I am the Social Media Editor at British GLAMOUR, where I also edit the popular podcast, Hey, It’s OK…  and write about lifestyle and entertainment. Before that, I was a launch team member for Twitter Moments, and arts writer and social media editor at The Telegraph. I spent several years as a film and music critic, including for Empire and The Lady, where I also won a Cruise Journalism Award for going to Canada by accident. I have been a proud member of Mind charity’s media advisory board since 2012, and written about mental health in The Times, Grazia, The Pool and GLAMOUR; and have extensive experience as a copywriter for The Times, The Sunday Times and The SunI present a Great British Bake-Off podcast, Soggy Bottoms, which was Top 10 in its category on iTunes, and run a book club devoted to the works of Jilly Cooper. I won Literary Death Match in 2012, was a finalist in the 2013 Elle Talent Contest and am now writing bits of various things extremely slowly when not spending much of my time and money on riding.

So, Exotic Maypole. It comes from my 6ft 1in height, and coming back from Edinburgh Festival one year flushed with the desire to be a stand-up comedian*.

“I see the posters now,” my friend Scott said. “Kat Brown: Exotic Maypole!” It didn’t happen, but it gave me a name for this blog, where I have spent happy years writing about books, running, and lovely clothes and shoes for tall women with large feet.

*This lasted roughly until the train drew into Kings Cross




5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. On behalf of my 11 year old maypole, who is now 5ft 10 and shoe size 9, thank you so much. I can now hopefully find some school shoes for her when she starts year 7. I know you mentioned being described as being large we really hate it when people say ‘by she is big’, my daughter has started to reply ‘I’m not big I’m tall’.

    • This is absolutely lovely to hear Lara! Hello to your maypole (I am definitely using this as a collective term). She sounds like her head is screwed on very well. All the very best to you both x

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