Boots of joy!

Long Tall Sally Jocasta boots, £90

Long Tall Sally Jocasta boots, £90, sizes 7 to 13

Morning! In great news, I’ve bought some absolutely banging new boots. I feel like I’ve found the Holy Grail, or the mysterious cities of gold. What a time to be alive.

I’ve mentioned the travails of buying proper long boots before. Well. By “mentioned” I mean “monologued at length until everyone has wished I’d just die, or move somewhere where boots are not a going concern.” My list of requirements is along the lines of Liam Neeson skills in Taken: they are very specific, and quite frightening.  Continue reading


School shoes for tall girls: size 9 to 13s that are fabulous, not punishingly awful

 A while ago I did a scientific experiment (asked Twitter) if the season you’re born in is your favourite. Born in November, I adore autumn: how can you not love that tangy, bonfire flavour that fills the air for months. And how can you not find that glorious explosion of golds and reds to be the very best of colours? Dulwich Park in October – my God, just go! (I turn into shit Instagram captions just thinking about #autumn #bliss so please just punch me in the face and let’s have done.)

Unsurprisingly, my scientific experiment turned out to be nonsense, but lots of people agreed with me that autumn rules, partly due to the delight of “new school” syndrome. There’s something delightful about getting everything in a row, and probably forking out a ton on stationery just because this was hardwired into you at eight.

One of the reasons I started blogging again was a pre-autumnal restlessness, but the thing that clinched it was a lovely message on my About Me page from  a woman named Lara Roberts (hello Lara!).

On behalf of my 11 year old maypole, who is now 5ft 10 and shoe size 9, thank you so much. I can now hopefully find some school shoes for her when she starts year 7. I know you mentioned being described as being large we really hate it when people say ‘by she is big’, my daughter has started to reply ‘I’m not big I’m tall’.

I mean, brilliant! Bloody well done, daughter of Lara. Language is so important when you’re growing up, in how you describe yourself, how you develop your identity, and how you show yourself to the world. #autumn #autumnalbliss #killmenow But also, annoying as it is, having a quick response to something some dimmock has shouted at you in the street is so much better than weakly smiling,  or losing your temper completely. Anyway.

Not being able to easily find clothes or shoes that fit well is a nuisance when you’re in your thirties, but it’s mortifying when you’re a teenager (or before – I had size nine feet by the time I was 10). I’ll never forget the joy I felt when I could finally move from hideous lace-ups to slip-ons that were a dead ringer for the massively expensive Kickers the rest of my class were wearing. So this post is all about back to school shoes, and where to find them – however old you are.

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Tall Girl Treat: boyfriend jackets, blazers of joy and Sky News

SOME NEWS! I was on TV news for the first time last week, and I’ve been very casual about it and in no way written it into people’s birthday cards. I had a smart byline, and was about two foot taller than the incredibly glamorous presenter, Dharshini David. Given we were talking about Amazon’s acquisition of Top Gear, this was amazingly apt. I have never felt more like a giant Jeremy Clarkson

I cannot overstate how cool the whole thing was. There is such a different set of skills involved in broadcasting compared to digital, and it was completely fascinating to see. When it looks as though I am being earnest and academic and pushing my glasses up my nose, that is in fact nervous sweat causing them to slide down. Sexy telly fact for you right there. Continue reading

Tall Girl Treat: TTYA x Long Tall Sally (and new shoes!)

I’ve managed to keep two secrets of late – three, actually, but one is so secret it is not actually allowed to exist. Let us never speak of this again.

First in the successfully-kept and disclosable section, H’s birthday present. I kept schtum about that for two months and by God it nearly killed me. Second, this collaboration between Taller Than Your Average and Long Tall Sally which I wanted to tell you about last week, but was asked to keep schtum til today – handy, because that’s when it actually goes on sale. Continue reading

Tall Girl Treat on Domestic Sluttery

ASOS Tall red scuba midi skirt


I’m currently working on a guide to where tall girls can buy decent clothes. Shopping when you’re 6’1 can be a sodding nightmare. In the meantime, I thought I’d round up some of the most useful posts I wrote in my fortnightly column for Domestic Sluttery: ones that focus on brands rather than specific clothes that might no longer be in stock. Continue reading

Tall Girl Treat: Autumn and three great things to look forward to

Tall Girl Treat is back! Before we get started on clothes and shoes, can we just have a moment for a couple of really amazing things? Thanks.

1) Temperley London’s Pre-Fall and Winter collections. I loved Dolce and Gabbana’s fairytale-inspired AW line, then saw one of Alice Temperley’s shirts on Instagram and went into a spiral of lust. Oh my good lord, literally, if anyone has to be violently copied by the high street this season it’s Alice Temperley, because I need all of these gorgeous patterns, laces and flowers, and I have none of the many hundreds of pounds required to obtain them. I spent 15 minutes last night putting expensive clothes on Pinterest and half-weeping while trying to work out whether Diana had actually sabotaged Iain on Bake-Off. Continue reading

Pretty (sweaty) in pink: running kit for tall girls

Last month a project I worked on won an award which resulted in a lot of vouchers. Last weekend, clutching a carefully-crafted list, I had a shopping spree and it was AMAZING. Basically, I spent three hours in Westfield Stratford going “Yep. Yep. Nope. Oh God, so many people.”

Top of my list – rather tragically, given the proximity to many, many lovely goods – was a running jacket for winter. Finding decent kit that fits properly was, I thought, a bit much of an ask. I am 6’1 and have the arms and legs of someone made up entirely of boa constrictors. However! It was actually completely fine, so given that it can still be a bit of a slog to shop if you’re tall, I thought I’d put together what works for me.

God knows how everything in my wardrobe ended up being pink and black – other colours are available. Continue reading