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No time? Here’s a shortcut to the good stuff, or at least the most-viewed:

  1. Volkswagen’s tall woman ad: actually brilliant 
  2. I can’t think of a funny title for a blog about being in the Olympics Opening Ceremony
  3. Pinstrosity Challenge: Shaun the Sheep cake
  4. Battle scars from your school Nativity plays
  5. Thank you, Kerrang!
  6. The rise of the girl gamer
  7. There is something really familar about the new Les Misérables poster…
  8. 40,000 tweets later…
  9. A Totally Non-Inspirational Post About Running The London Marathon
  10. “Oh my God, YES!” recipes
  11. “You download this stuff for free, but you actually eat the culture that your children want to take part in”
  12. Pets with pleasingly boring names
  13. The Red Series
  14. It’s a mince pie fudge-off!
  15. Would you hold my hand?
  16. Sometimes you just need to set your writing on fire and stamp it to death in the street
  17. Pretty (sweaty) in pink: running kit for tall girls
  18. My memories of a selection of dead shops that I can remember at this point in time
  19. Elle Talent Contest: Rebellion (Lies)
  20. We live in a digital age – that doesn’t mean we stop being human

Updated September 2014


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