Tall Girl Treat: Capes! Capes for everyone!

Marks and Spencer capes

*sun does not count

Guys, can we forget that it’s Indian Summer territory and pretend it’s freezing? Thanks. Let’s chat warmth. Continue reading


Tall Girl Treat: Autumn and three great things to look forward to

Tall Girl Treat is back! Before we get started on clothes and shoes, can we just have a moment for a couple of really amazing things? Thanks.

1) Temperley London’s Pre-Fall and Winter collections. I loved Dolce and Gabbana’s fairytale-inspired AW line, then saw one of Alice Temperley’s shirts on Instagram and went into a spiral of lust. Oh my good lord, literally, if anyone has to be violently copied by the high street this season it’s Alice Temperley, because I need all of these gorgeous patterns, laces and flowers, and I have none of the many hundreds of pounds required to obtain them. I spent 15 minutes last night putting expensive clothes on Pinterest and half-weeping while trying to work out whether Diana had actually sabotaged Iain on Bake-Off. Continue reading