The Saga of Cat Brown 8: Vet Noir

Expression 32: Baleful

Expression 32: Baleful

To truly illustrate how much Ambridge loathes going to the vet, I need to go back a few months to when she stopped eating.

To be clear, Ambridge does not wish to stop eating. She is what one pet website politely terms “food-focused”, to the extent that I had to replace her automatic cat feeder with the feline equivalent of Fort Knox, sourced by H when she mastered how to burgle and eat its predecessor’s contents in five minutes flat. Continue reading


The saga of Cat Brown 4: I have literally broken my cat

The last few weeks have seen the breakage or the loss of a frankly ridiculous amount of my things, to the point that my mother looked at me with genuine concern on Easter Monday and asked if I was quite well.

These include an iPad, half a cheesecake, a dishwasher, a washer dryer, a blender, a hand-held vacuum, my relationship and also, my cat. Continue reading