Full-Size Snickers Training! Weeks 6-9: Tina Fey Makes Everything Awesome

I googled "orchestra conducted by bears" and now we may never sleep again

I googled “orchestra conducted by bears” and now we may never sleep again

Prepare to be underwhelmed on an as-yet undefined scale of shodditude. I’m wildly behind. Wildly.

But you can also be prepared for a cheering inspirational last act, probably with the swell of a really well-packed orchestra behind it, so you know – bear with me. Ready? Ok. Continue reading


Full-Size Snickers Training! Week 3: A is for Anxiety

Knackered females

Knackered females

I’ve signed up to do a half-marathon in March with Olly – bring on Richmond! And hooray for Olly, getting all carried away! (It’s totally flat, right? I can only run if it’s flat.)

Week two schedule:

4 mile + strides
5 mile slow/fast
4 mile easy run
11 mile long run

I forget I’m not good at winter. Even though it happens every single year, the days when I get a punch in the brain from the lack of light always come as a surprise. It can take me hours until I go “Oh wait: you aren’t going mad, you know how this works, it’s just your brain having a sulk about January.”

I’d had a proper case of the back-to-schools since New Year’s Day. Anxiety: my heart going like the clappers, too wired to sleep. All very boring, and all very much like last January. I ran through everything in my head and couldn’t think of anything to be anxious about: it’s just an irritating physical thing. Continue reading