A Totally Non-Inspirational Post About Running The London Marathon

People who do the Marathon more than once often say they want to get a personal best, beat a certain time, or that they didn’t give it their all the first time round. I can, with absolute certainty, say that I couldn’t have given it anything more, I’m thrilled with my time, and I have no regrets.

On Sunday, I tweeted and texted my way around the London Marathon, and as God is my witness I’LL NEVER GO MARATHONING AGAIN.


Will I be running another one? God, NO. No. Right. Now that’s over, are we ready for an inspirational post about marathons? Then let’s begin. Continue reading


Full-Size Snickers Training! Week 15: The Blerch


Completely forgot to post this earlier in the week – my mind has been all over the place with work events and eating like it’s going out of fashion. Post! And one to come before Sunday. Hopefully. Dear lord it’s so close!


I arrived at choir last week clutching a large glass of red – sorry Lent, we’re very much over now – and a friend said hello.

“I read your blog,” she said. “It was really funny! And the McDonald’s. But I can’t believe you actually admitted that in public.”

I said something blasé about my terrible diet at the moment, and eating everything, but it stuck with me. My eating has been appalling for the last few weeks. At the same time, I have entirely failed to get the hang of tapering, and my running has crashed to a halt of a Sunday long run, and that’s it. I saw some pictures from the Richmond half and I look even more like the tragic jelly shoved into a sock and violently beaten that I was at Marrowthon.

Reader: this is not good. Continue reading



I was having a bit of a lame day today in terms of nerves and food and so on – this has filled me with complete joy. Read this for why supporting Mind is a brilliant thing. Thank you so much for helping me to smash my target, and for being general legends. xxx

Full-Size Snickers Training! Week 14: Tapering Hell, Bra Hell


I’m in Women’s Running magazine! Thanks to @filmcharlotte for the heads up.

That picture has had some brilliant advert uses. When I was on holiday in February, it turned up on Facebook. It’s a bit weird seeing myself there – you don’t get asked, but then I haven’t asked when I’m using it  – but it is a great photo and entirely sums up how I intend to feel on marathon day.

ANYWAY. Still tapering. Taper taper taper. I treated myself to a lovely massage on Wednesday to pull my back into some semblance of order. For various reasons, I only went out once this week, which was on Mothering Sunday from my parents’ house. 8am start = 7am start. I had to pull half the underwiring out of my sports bra – auspicious start! This also means that I now have no sports bras with all their underwiring in. Is it too late to get another one and wear that in? What if it rips my chest to bits, even with Vaseline? Continue reading

Full-Size Snickers Training! Week 13: Richmond 13.1

This is LOVELY - fabulous nail art for a girl in the Facebook running group. I'm so getting something like this for London.

This is LOVELY – fabulous nail art for a girl in the Facebook running group. I’m so getting something like this for London.

After last time’s horrendous 20 miles, I spent a week in recovery, hiding under my bed and staring blankly at a scratch on my chest of drawers. Or at least I may as well have. We’re now in tapering mode, and everyone in my Facebook group has gone mad.

Allegedly, tapering is what you do to relax and restore your muscles to gleaming health in time for Stupid Run Race Day. Really, what happens is everyone starts FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. Continue reading

Full-Size Snickers Training! Week 12: Thank You Katy Perry, from #43265

photo (6)

My feelings towards Ms Perry, neatly summed up in my amazing “Domestic Sluttery is 5” present from Sian

On my fundraising page, I say there’s a 75% chance of me crying. I’m raising that to 100%, simply because if I haven’t been asleep, eating, or running this week, I’ve been sobbing like Violet Elizabeth Bott confronted with an ingallant Outlaw. Continue reading

Marrowthon! Running with Empire for Anthony Nolan

Team Empire! Aka, The Running Mag *ahthangyor*

Team Empire! Aka, The Running Mag *ahthangyor*

On Sunday, under the most beautifully Spring-like baby blue skies I’ve seen without dreaming them, me and a team from Empire magazine ran the Marrowthon 10k for Anthony Nolan, the blood cancer and bone marrow registry charity. £1380 raised so far, HOLLER!

I left Empire in 2006, but help out* at the Awards, and it doesn’t take much for me to do a race with Helen and Olly “Is there a medal?” Richards. I named our team: the frankly horrifying The Running Mag. I am so sorry. (I am not at all sorry).

*drink their booze

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Full-Size Snickers Training! Weeks 6-9: Tina Fey Makes Everything Awesome

I googled "orchestra conducted by bears" and now we may never sleep again

I googled “orchestra conducted by bears” and now we may never sleep again

Prepare to be underwhelmed on an as-yet undefined scale of shodditude. I’m wildly behind. Wildly.

But you can also be prepared for a cheering inspirational last act, probably with the swell of a really well-packed orchestra behind it, so you know – bear with me. Ready? Ok. Continue reading

Full-Size Snickers Training! Week 5: Short and Sweet


Teeth of an angel c 1987. They never saw it coming.

When I was 10, I was racing my brother down a hill on our bikes. I went into his back wheel and landed on my face. Don’t say the jokes – I heard the lot at school. I’ve had ongoing dental work since then, and the end it in sight – in February, I will have an implant and a new crown that should put an end to my teeth problems for ages.

Because, it turns out that my dentist 10 years ago didn’t notice a fracture in one of my teeth. That fracture meant that my bones started rejecting the tooth and CANNIBALISING it. WTF, horror film life! Anyway, since November, I have had a bit of plastic replacing my two front teeth covering up a lot of dental wizardry, leading up to the end of February when I should finally have two completely perfect, non-cannibalised horror film teeth. Mid-dentist, I took a picture of me with only half a front tooth when two should be – full hag.

Week 5 was a bit of a fizzling non-starter because I had a dentist visit on the Tuesday, and assorted meetings and cool events during the week meant that getting out didn’t happen. Still – focusing on the teeth. The good teeth. Bring on the teeth. Continue reading