There will now be a short interval (where I die)

(This is another post about running – sorry about that. If you would like something else to read, my new column about some rather gorgeous tall clothes is out today.)

Olympic Anniversary run

“Would you like to put the coffee down?” “No thank you, it’s important to have your coach in frame”

You know when you listen to yourself and hear a discordant phrase? I hear it as colours. Not in a synaesthesic way, I wish, but in a “oh that sounded a bit green, it should have been violet”. There is absolutely no way that I’m going to explain this in a way that doesn’t sound utterly bonkers, so we’ll move on to the actual point.

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I can’t think of a funny title for a blog about being in the Olympics Opening Ceremony

One of my audition badges – an amazing bookmark since 2011

This blog is going to be the most appalling mess. I’m sorry about that. I had planned to sleep until the last possible minute so I could be fresh as a proverbial for tonight, but it’s hot, and lovely and I have thoughts going round my head like a particularly lumpen spin cycle. Continue reading