I was having a bit of a lame day today in terms of nerves and food and so on – this has filled me with complete joy. Read this for why supporting Mind is a brilliant thing. Thank you so much for helping me to smash my target, and for being general legends. xxx


‘Inpats’ and a brilliant new project

times hsbc 1jpg (1)

Maria’s first cartoon! (For me, anyway)

For the last couple of months, I have been working on a wonderful project at work, called A Postcard from the UK. It’s aimed at people 25-45 who are thinking of moving to work in the UK, and as a result I have been speaking to an incredibly varied bunch of individuals, each with different but equally amazing stories.

I became a journalist partly because I wanted to entertain people, and partly because I am FASCINATED by people but don’t want to dig through their bins. This project means I get to listen to stories about amazing lives. Continue reading