Full-Size Snickers Training! Week 13: Richmond 13.1

This is LOVELY - fabulous nail art for a girl in the Facebook running group. I'm so getting something like this for London.

This is LOVELY – fabulous nail art for a girl in the Facebook running group. I’m so getting something like this for London.

After last time’s horrendous 20 miles, I spent a week in recovery, hiding under my bed and staring blankly at a scratch on my chest of drawers. Or at least I may as well have. We’re now in tapering mode, and everyone in my Facebook group has gone mad.

Allegedly, tapering is what you do to relax and restore your muscles to gleaming health in time for Stupid Run Race Day. Really, what happens is everyone starts FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. Continue reading


Marrowthon! Running with Empire for Anthony Nolan

Team Empire! Aka, The Running Mag *ahthangyor*

Team Empire! Aka, The Running Mag *ahthangyor*

On Sunday, under the most beautifully Spring-like baby blue skies I’ve seen without dreaming them, me and a team from Empire magazine ran the Marrowthon 10k for Anthony Nolan, the blood cancer and bone marrow registry charity. £1380 raised so far, HOLLER!

I left Empire in 2006, but help out* at the Awards, and it doesn’t take much for me to do a race with Helen and Olly “Is there a medal?” Richards. I named our team: the frankly horrifying The Running Mag. I am so sorry. (I am not at all sorry).

*drink their booze

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There will now be a short interval (where I die)

(This is another post about running – sorry about that. If you would like something else to read, my new column about some rather gorgeous tall clothes is out today.)

Olympic Anniversary run

“Would you like to put the coffee down?” “No thank you, it’s important to have your coach in frame”

You know when you listen to yourself and hear a discordant phrase? I hear it as colours. Not in a synaesthesic way, I wish, but in a “oh that sounded a bit green, it should have been violet”. There is absolutely no way that I’m going to explain this in a way that doesn’t sound utterly bonkers, so we’ll move on to the actual point.

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1(0k) up

Wow, that’s probably the most convoluted post title I’ve done in a while. What it should mean is that YES! YES! I did the British 10k yesterday, and thanks to work matching what my gorgeous sponsors dished out, I raised a SHITLOAD for the wonderful video game disability charity Special Effect (check them out, they do brilliant work).

Special Effect British 10k Yoshi costume

Full-fig Yoshi. Don’t say I don’t do anything for you people.

How do I feel today? AMAZING. How did I feel yesterday? Fucking terrible. Actually, that’s a lie. Compared to what I had steeled myself for (drowning in my own sweat and having to walk by kilometer three), it was fine. It was 25 degrees instead of Saturday’s draconian 30, and there was a vague breeze. The course had plenty of shade for us all to stick to, and there were wonderful people cheering us along.

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