Full-Size Snickers Training! Week 14: Tapering Hell, Bra Hell


I’m in Women’s Running magazine! Thanks to @filmcharlotte for the heads up.

That picture has had some brilliant advert uses. When I was on holiday in February, it turned up on Facebook. It’s a bit weird seeing myself there – you don’t get asked, but then I haven’t asked when I’m using it  – but it is a great photo and entirely sums up how I intend to feel on marathon day.

ANYWAY. Still tapering. Taper taper taper. I treated myself to a lovely massage on Wednesday to pull my back into some semblance of order. For various reasons, I only went out once this week, which was on Mothering Sunday from my parents’ house. 8am start = 7am start. I had to pull half the underwiring out of my sports bra – auspicious start! This also means that I now have no sports bras with all their underwiring in. Is it too late to get another one and wear that in? What if it rips my chest to bits, even with Vaseline? Continue reading


Shameless dog picture: Yawn

This is a familiar sight to anyone who has owned/been near a dog. Millie’s tongue, when unfurled, could embark on a career as a windbreak.

What I like most about this picture though is the suggestion of Doc Croc, the dangerously unstable boss from arguably the best/most terrifying/most inventive/most ridiculous children’s program there has EVER BEEN, Round The Bend.

Millie pic: Wishful thinking

Much to my parents’ chagrin, part of my visiting-the-parents ritual is to take countless pictures of our flatcoat, Millie. This is her traditional Friday night pose, hovering hopefully by the lasagne dish and adopting her most feeble, underfed expression. This rarely washes with my parents who are deceptively hard-hearted for dog owners.