“Keep buggering on” – Women in News and life as a female journalist

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Disco panel

Some enterprising high-ups at work have launched a series of events in which high-profile women in different areas talk about their careers and interests. I am surrounded by kick-ass women doing very good jobs, but I also spend most of my day at my desk so don’t get to talk to many of them outside Twitter very often. This was an opportunity to step away from it and hear a varied panel having a chat about their careers and problems. And then have some beers and a natter, which was excellent.

  • Rachel Richardson, editor of Fabulous magazine (chair)
  • Deborah Haynes, defence editor at The Times
  • Deidre Saunders, agony aunt at The Sun (legend)
  • Victoria Newton, editor of The Sun on Sunday
  • Emma Tucker, deputy editor of The Times
  • Eleanor Mills, editorial director of The Sunday Times & chair of Women in Journalism
  • Tiffanie Darke, editor of Style magazine at The Sunday Times

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“You download this stuff for free, but you actually eat the culture that your children want to take part in”

Caitlin Moran

Caitlin Moran, columnist, writer and wielder of extraordinary hair, has a new book out. Last night, she did an interview at the Bloomsbury Theatre last night to launch it, and as Friday tends to be my day of tedious filling things in and building things admin, I’ve been listening to the video recording.

Among the many funny and endearing bits about work, virginity and Chris Brown (not endearing), there was a particularly passionate, eloquent reasoning as to why Moran does not work for the guardian, and instead, has been at The Times for 20 years. More importantly, it is also a reasoning as to why the arts and journalism need to safeguard its future, and that of those people ahead.

As a long-standing Times reader and someone who works there, this sums up my feelings pretty well too. I’ve typed it out in case you don’t have a handy video player.

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