Happy New Year, may 2015 be joyful and catful

The best sign I saw in New York

The best sign I saw in New York

2014 has been a very, very long year. 365 days. Many, many hours. Some quantity of minutes that I do not possess the mathematical ability or interest to calculate and oh my God, maths, I’ve already bored myself.

I find looking back on a whole year a bit of an impossibility, like trying to fit an entire packet of digestives in your mouth without taking the wrapping off first. Continue reading


Favourites from EGX: A Light In Chorus, Lumino City, How To Be A Tree & Bertram Fiddle

A Light In Chorus

A Light In Chorus

Yesterday, H and I spent six glorious hours trawling EGX, the video games expo in Earls Court which runs til Sunday. SUCH joy. The cosplay! The Streetpassing! The hunt for new games we’d heard of,  and new things to fall in love with and throw our pounds at in the near future.

Towards the end I was hungering for new Street Fighter so wasn’t wild about visiting Rezzed, the indie zone, but blimey it’s grown since I last went a couple of years ago. And double blimey – this year’s had some of the most beautiful and entrancing games I’ve seen since playing Okami, that gorgeous watercolour RPG reboot. All the ones I tried were works in progress, and these ones were my favourites. Continue reading

Creative Londoners: Storytelling (also: I have a new job!)

Banner for Creative Londoners September 2014 event

Imagine having access to this many crayons. Imagine.

Domestic Sluttery‘s founding editor, Sian Meades, also founded the Creative Londoners networking events. Having entirely failed to attend Sian’s previous events because of choir, I’m thrilled to say I’m speaking at the next one so am guaranteed to go. Continue reading



I was having a bit of a lame day today in terms of nerves and food and so on – this has filled me with complete joy. Read this for why supporting Mind is a brilliant thing. Thank you so much for helping me to smash my target, and for being general legends. xxx

Full-Size Snickers Training! Week 4: Pitiful Small Animal Gif

The anxiety of last week melted away, as it usually does, which is a huge relief. Unfortunately, I’m then crushed by the ghastly realisation that there are weeks more of this to go. I’m also colossally tired, pretty much all the time, and when I’m tired, I eat sugar and my brain falls apart – apologies in advance for the terrible writing in this update, but did I mention I feel like a pitiful small animal gif?

tumblr_mze9ajSTgw1r4zr2vo1_r2_500 Continue reading

Elle Talent Contest: Rebellion (Lies)

imageThe other week I got an email telling me that I was a runner-up in Elle magazine’s Talent Contest. I may have jumped up and down, resulting in some damage to my office chair, and definitely on hearing I will be mentored by one of the judges next year.

Elle’s topic was My Rebellion. It didn’t specify fiction or non-fiction, so I loosely fictionalised my one internet date this summer. It was not a success. Continue reading

I can’t think of a funny title for a blog about being in the Olympics Opening Ceremony

One of my audition badges – an amazing bookmark since 2011

This blog is going to be the most appalling mess. I’m sorry about that. I had planned to sleep until the last possible minute so I could be fresh as a proverbial for tonight, but it’s hot, and lovely and I have thoughts going round my head like a particularly lumpen spin cycle. Continue reading